The pizza places deliver great eCommerce coupon & deal ideas

Consumers have grown accustomed to coupons being a must-have prior to ordering certain products & services, both online and offline. When is the last time you have called a big pizza place and not gotten offered a deal up front?

As these ordering processes migrate online, the consumer’s expectation for deals & coupons remains the same.  The big 3 online pizza eCommerce sites have all done a great job of making coupons & deals the central point of the online ordering process. Rather than making customers search for coupons on the web, they offer compelling deals up front and devote space right to deals within the shopping experience. They have also switched the up-sell and cross-sell process to become associated to deals instead of product.

In the case  of Domino’s below, they highlight your coupons and other deals throughout your entire shopping experience. You can always switch to another deal as you build your pizza — what a great way to move the consumer to a higher margin up-sell.

Domino's Coupon Screenshot

So, if you are selling products or services that consumers are used to finding deals for, explore moving away from a product-focused approach to your eCommerce site to a more deal-oriented approach.  You will find yourself able to sell quite a few more widgets or services at a nice healthy margin with the customer content that they got a scored themselves a good deal.

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